Network Terms of Service (TOS)

Last Updated: 03/07/2014 (DD/MM/YYYY)

When you connect to the PugShack Network, you agree to the following rules. If you do not agree, then simply disconnect from the service and do not reconnect. If you break any of the following rules, then you may find yourself banned from the PugShack network and all related services. You may also be subject to civil and/or governmental legal proceedings.


Prohibitions and Warnings relating to usage of PugShack

The PugShack IRC Network ("PugShack") exists to provide Internet users with a safe and welcoming place to participate in conversations where the medium of conversation is transparent and does not interfere with the users' ability to talk to each other. At the same time, PugShack protects the right of those users to engage in undisturbed conversation, preventing other users from accidentally or maliciously interrupting that conversation.

PugShack  is intended as a forum for discussion. Hence, any activities which jeopardize the rights of other users in that regard or generally, or the existence or functionality of PugShack as a whole, are prohibited. These include, without limitation:

1. Hate Speech:

    You may not use any language defined as Hate Speech, which includes – but is not limited to – text or actions that are any of the following:

  • Demeaning in any manner.

  • Harmful.

  • An attack on religion, race, or sexual orientation.

2. Harassment:

    Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behavior intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is intentional behavior which is found threatening or disturbing.

  • You may not harass individual persons, groups of persons or entities in general on the PugShack network.
  • You may not use any text or action at all that harasses another user, which includes text or actions that are intended to annoy, offend, or intimidate.

  • Do not send messages, notices, memos to all or whole channels (/AMSG’s or /AME’s) that are intended to annoy, intimidate or distress another user (or other users).

  • Do not attempt to communicate with any persons or groups of persons on PugShack who have made it known that they do not desire any contact with you. If someone asks you to stop talking to them, then stop talking to them.

3.  Minors:

    PugShack will take every necessary step to protect minors from being exploited online. You must be at least 13 years of age or have parental consent to connect to PugShack.

  • You may not share personal information with a minor.

  • You may not share sexually explicit material with a minor.

  • No adult is to have any inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature with a minor at any time, whether it be in a channel or private message.

  • No adult shall attempt to arrange meet a person under 18 years of age without valid verbal and written parental consent.

  • No adult shall attempt to send personal items or gifts to persons under 18 years of age or ask any minor for personal information.

4. Advertising, Spamming and Solicitation:


  • Spamming is strictly prohibited on PugShack. Spamming includes, but is not limited to: the advertising or promotion of free, pay, personal, commercial, corporate, non-profit, or private web sites, products, programs, other chat programs and/or services, other IRC channels, and/or other IRC networks.

  • Commercial advertising may only be allowed on pre-approval by the network staff.

  • Do not excessively post personal links such as websites, email addresses, phone numbers or FTP or IRC servers. However, excessive posting within your personal channel is allowed.


  • Solicitation is strictly prohibited on PugShack, you may not make  unwarranted  or  inopportune  petitions relating to material or immaterial gain. Examples of solicitation include but are not limited to: asking for donations, asking someone to vote for you on a website, and generally every petition when there is no under-pinning context behind it.

  • Channels dedicated to helping people have the necessary context to warrant allowance of guests performing this activity without it being classed as solicitation.

5. Ban Evasion:

  • You may not engage in ban evasion, where ban evasion is the intentional side-stepping of network or channel bans. This prohibition relates to all bans, such as nick-change bans, join bans, mute bans, gecko bans, ident bans, gline, kline, zline, akill and any other ban that can be placed by either network staff or channel operators.

  • If you are banned from a channel or the PugShack network, do not attempt to reconnect or join if you have knowledge that you are banned. If you are banned and knowing of this fact, and successfully reconnect or join, your action is considered ban evasion.

  • If you repeatedly evade a ban, you will be permanently banned from the PugShack network and your Internet Service Provider will be contacted and an abuse report will be filed. If repeated ban evasion exceeds the category of simple nuisance and extends into harassment or stalking, then the relevant authorities will be contacted.

  • You may not, by any means, assist or facilitate banned users in interacting with users through the PugShack IRC network. This includes, but is not limited to: providing proxies/vpns, links, relay bots, BNC's for the use of banned users.

6  Illegal Activities:

    The rules of the offline world do apply to the online world, and all illegal activities are prohibited on the PugShack network.

    Illegal behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  •     File sharing of copyrighted or protected content.

  •     Distribution of child porn.

  •     Hacking or Cracking.

  •     Attempting to Exploit another user or computer.

  •     Credit Card fraud or trading.

  •     Bot Net or spam bot control channels.

7. Miscellaneous:

  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to IRC channels is prohibited.

  • Impersonating another user with intent to harm that person or his/her reputation is prohibited.

  • Sending repeated messages to a user or channel (flooding) is prohibited.

  • Attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in any bots on the PugShack network, the network itself, clients, or users on the network is prohibited.

  • Any channels containing content of an adult nature (18+) must be set on +s and minors must not be allowed in such a channel.

  • If you are a channel operator and your channel is not set on +s and there is occasional adult content being featured, then Network Staff will take action, minimally locking the room on +s.

  • Channels dedicated to Warez are prohibited.

  • Failing to obey an IRC Operator's commands (not including directions, advice or light remarks) are classified as a ToS violation.

  • Open proxies are not allowed on the PugShack network (VPN's are allowed but not for ban evasion).

  • OS and Host fingerprinting is carried out by PugShack. The data for the fingerprint is gathered via port scanning. By connecting to PugShack you agree to be port scanned. If you do not agree, please disconnect and do not reconnect.

  • Please do not attempt to get any Network Staff involved in channel affairs unless it is a matter pertaining to a violation of the PugShack ToS. If you are banned from a channel, then please take it up with the channel operators. If you were banned and it violates the ToS (such as channel operators engaging in hate speech in banning you) then please do not hesitate to bring this issue to the attention of Network Staff
  • No bots are allowed unless its within your own channel on this network (or you have consent from an channel owner to run a bot in their channel).
  • You must not run scripts that output text into any channel that you do not own, unless you get permission from the channel owner.
Further information

You have the right to appeal a Network Ban, but there are a finite amount of appeals.

PugShack encrypts the services databases. Any data, such as email, you give to PugShack (which is mostly done during nickname registration) will be stored safely and treated with best current practices and care. Please ensure that you pick a password different from your other online passwords as common passwords in conjunction with leaked databases are the first and foremost cause of hacking-related incidents involving the average Internet user.

Network Staff, as the authors of the PugShack ToS are the authoritative intepreters of the ToS and can warn and ban users however they see fit. Being on this network is not a right but instead is a privilege.

For the protection of PugShack users, the network may monitor guests if they feel or have had reports of guests breaking the TOS.  



PugShack is not responsible for the content you may transmit or receive. Due to the real time nature of IRC, we cannot monitor or police the exchange of data. To protect yourself, we highly recommend that you run a current antivirus program and never click on links from people you do not know.

We will cooperate with any law enforcement agency’s request for information when it is sent to us through proper legal channels.

When you connect to PugShack IRC, your connection will be port scanned for open—and potentially insecure—proxies. This is not an attack on your computer and will only happen when you connect.

Given the nature of IRC, it is impossible for Network Staff to guarantee the following of the rules in every channel or message on the network. Infractions should be reported in #help. Opinions or views are those of the author of the message and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the PugShack network. PugShack is not responsible for users who violate the rules, nor is PugShack or any of its staff members responsible or liable for any harm caused to a person or their computer by such actions of users.

Questions? If you have a question regarding the terms of service, please stop in #help and ask one of the staff members for assistance.